Прошивка 3 55 wutangrza geohot и сериал сердце марии 23 серия

Прошивка 3 55 wutangrza geohot

Jan 20, 2011 All credits to devs: kmeaw, flukes1, fail0verflow, geohot, Wutangrza and #3. Now you're on Official 3.55 firmware its time to install the kmeaw. Jul 1, 2012 . This custom firmware is based on the combined works of geohot, waninkoko, flukes1, wutangrza, and several others. Individuals Но, затем появился Kmeaw и объединил старания Wutangrza + патч Геохота в Kmeaw Custom Firmware 3.55 - умеет запускать только.

19 янв 2011 Это - Geohots, Wutangrza, Waninkoko, Kakaroto и Kmeaw. Скачайте официальную прошивку 3.55 и установите её на консоль. Wutangrza/Flukes1 CFW came after geohots CFW, the intention was By the same time this was released, Waninkoko released his 3.55 CFW. George Francis Hotz (born October 2, 1989), alias geohot, is an American hacker and creative to release a PlayStation 3 firmware update that would retroactively remove the OtherOS feature from all models, a feature that was On January 2, 2011, Hotz posted a copy of the root keys of the PlayStation 3 on his website.

Wutangrza прошивка 3 geohot 55

Прошивка 3 55 wutangrza geohot
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